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17 Early Pregnancy Signs

Are you trying to get pregnant and wonder if something is going on? A pregnancy test or blood test can give you safe answers, but before that, other signs and symptoms may show that you are pregnant.

17 Early Pregnancy Signs

Here are 17 signs and symptoms that you are pregnant:

1. You are out of breath

Do you suddenly feel an d got to go up the stairs? Then you may be pregnant. The growing fetus needs oxygen, which makes it a little less left for you.

2. Sore breasts

If it feels like mild torture to wear a bra in the morning, and you find that the breasts have grown a bit, it may be an early sign of pregnancy. If you are actually pregnant, it is not imagination. The breasts become larger for both mammary glands and tissues become larger.

3. Fatigue

You can't even read a page of the book clearly before you fall asleep and your body feels worn out. It is common in the first trimethyl ester (the first 12 weeks of pregnancy), but is fortunately over for most.

4. Nausea

Most women feel nauseous in the mornings when they are about six weeks into pregnancy, while others notice it earlier. You may feel nausea in the afternoon and evening too, but it will probably subside after a while. Try eating foods that feel good to your stomach, such as biscuits.

5. Frequent toa visits

If you suddenly can't sleep all night without waking up awfully pissed off, then this could be a sign. During pregnancy, the body produces extra fluid and the growing uterus presses. Then b usually comes with many toa visits.

6. Headache

Hormonal changes can cause headaches in many when pregnant. Therefore, having a headache may be a symptom of pregnancy.

7. Back pain

Is your back a little sore? Approximately half of all cancers have back pain or pelvic pain. Early in a pregnancy, these menstrual-like pains are due to the growth of the uterus.

8. Menstrual cramps

Is it PMS or pregnancy? It's hard to say, but if it feels like menstrual pain, it may be your uterus that is struggling to get ready for a baby.

9. Desire or taste for food

All of a sudden, you may get craze on citrus, or you may be tempted extra by fish. Some can no longer handle certain foods at all. If you experience such problems with the food, your body may be telling you that you are pregnant.

10. Constipation and bloating

You're pretty sure the pants fit last week. Now you just feel very bloated. This may be because the digestive system is working more slowly. Although the fetus is still tiny - just an embryo - the uterus has started to grow, which also causes the stomach to grow.

11. Mood swings

Do you get pissed just because your husband misses throwing the sock in the laundry basket? If you are feeling hormonal and chubby it may be because your body has to adapt to the pregnancy hormones. Fortunately, you can assure your husband that it will bring with him over time.

12. The hair is different

If the hair feels different than usual, it can be an early pregnancy sign. Some people find that their hair is harder to fix than usual, while others get thicker and glossier hair during pregnancy.

13. Elevated body temperature

Your usual body temperature is the one you wake up in the morning. It can increase after you have ovulated, and go down if you get menstruation. If the higher temperature persists for several weeks, it may be a sign that you are pregnant.

14. Increased sensitivity to odor

Some become very sensitive to smells. You may no longer be able to cope with the smell of garbage, which you have not even noticed before.

15. Dizziness or fainting

Hormone changes, low blood sugar or blood pressure can help make you dizzy or even faint. Be sure to eat enough food and make sure you don't get any fluid deficiency.

16. Small bleeding

Have you got a while? If it is only a little, and a few days earlier than expected, it may be that the egg attaches to the uterus and causes a little bleeding.

17. Delayed menstruation

Delayed menstruation is one of the most obvious signs of pregnancy. If the cycle is normally regular, but you suddenly go over time then you should take a trip to the pharmacy.

Even safer than early pregnancy signs

If you are trying to get pregnant, it is easy to interpret all possible changes as signs of pregnancy. If you are unsure, you should buy a pregnancy test. If the result is negative and you have not yet received your period, you may have tested too soon. Wait a few days and try again. Convenient home mats for pregnancy can be purchased at the pharmacy or at regular grocery stores.

Rules of thumb for early pregnancy signs:

  • Look for important signs to see if you are pregnant.
  • If your body is more worn out than usual, this may be a sign that you are pregnant.
  • Changes in body, hair and mind can also indicate pregnancy.

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