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Baby's Gender

Everyone agrees that the most important thing is that the baby is healthy, but at the same time most pregnant women are very excited about whether they are carrying a boy or girl. Not everyone gets a proper answer.

Some do not want to know before childbirth, while others are almost unable to wait for the ultrasound examination in week 18 just to know the sex of the baby they have in the stomach.

Baby's Gender

"The midwife is happy to see what gender it is if the parents want it, and in most cases she can see if the baby is a boy or girl," says Cecilia Kleven, who is an midwife at the Oslo midwife and women's center.

How the baby is

Whether or not the midwife is able to see what gender the baby has or not depends on how the child is undergoing the ultrasound examination itself.

- When the child is cross-legged or has the umbilical cord between the legs, it can be difficult to see the sex, Kleven explains.

Can give wrong message

She goes on to say that some parents have experienced the wrong message. Visit Bestaah for quality and affordable maternity vest tops.

- It is not as often as it happens, but when you take an ultralight ointment it is not always easy to get a good overview. It depends on how the baby lies, how much it moves, how far one has gone in pregnancy, how much amniotic fluid there is, and several other things. It is therefore important to make the ultrasound of someone who is trained for this, says K leve.

Wide stomach = Girl?

Ever since the beginning of your life, there have been various housewife tips and "wise" words about whether the pregnant woman has a girl or boy in the stomach. Midwife Cecilia Kleven says that as far as she knows there is no research that can confirm one or the other, but she says some signs are more accurate than others.

- My experience is that the stomach shape, that is, the wide belly shows that you have a girl and pointed stomach that you have a boy, is true relatively often, she says.

Not something to trust

Kleven emphasizes that the stomach shape also depends on the body type of the pregnant woman.

- Some are slim and slim with others going up evenly throughout the body regardless of gender. So such signs are nothing to be trusted, she says.

"Housewife tips" about the child's gender

Although it is by no means a fact, it can be fun to guess. Here are several signs of "type of housewife tips" on whether it is a boy or girl.

The way you sleep

If you have a boy in your stomach you prefer to sleep on the left side and on the contrary if you are expecting a girl.


Much nausea, especially in the morning, is said to be a sign that it is a girl, while a little nausea indicates a boy.


According to old sayings, girls are said to steal the mother's beauty. If you have unclean skin during pregnancy, it should indicate that you are waiting for a girl.

Sweet or salty

If you are craving salt, it is said that you have a boy in the stomach. If you lean on the sweet, you should probably wear a girl.


If you are tormented by heartburn it may be because you are going to be the mother of a boy.

Rules of thumb for the baby's gender:

  • Ultrasound tells the child's gender, but then it must be in the right direction.
  • Be prepared that midwives can be wrong about the baby's gender.
  • There are various housewife tips that can reveal your baby's gender, but take it with a pinch of salt!

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