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Childbirth Fear - When Fear Affects Everyday Life

No one can say exactly how a childbirth will be, feel or when it will happen and many times fear or anxiety before childbirth may be about this uncertainty.

- We humans are used to having control and here it can feel for the pregnant person to lose control. Therefore, to get rid of the anxiety, we may need to get our thoughts and brains, for the body it can give birth to children, says Therese Sok, midwife at My Doctor, where pregnant women can get help with certain pregnancy problems.

Childbirth Fear - When Fear Affects Everyday Life

Past experiences, experiences and deliveries can also trigger anxiety for the coming birth.

- Sometimes the woman may feel fear that the delivery will be painful or that one is afraid that the delivery will harm the child. In order for the pregnant woman to prepare for childbirth and get over the anxiety, we tend to focus instead on her feeling that it is okay to lose control. Instead of focusing on the pain, one should learn to relax, breathe and follow the pain and begin to see it as a positive force. It's A and O to get through the birth, says Therese Sok.

Get help from your midwife

It is always good to talk to your midwife before giving birth. The midwife can also help you get in touch with additional care if the fear affects your entire everyday life. Visit Bestaah for quality and affordable maternity swimwear.

- As an midwife I try to meet the woman and find out how she wants her birth to be and what creates security for her. If I meet a woman who is afraid to give birth, I usually talk to the woman first. If there is a great fear in the woman then you can offer additional care. There are plans for how we midwives should respond to a situation where the pregnant woman is feeling anxious or anxious about giving birth, says Therese Sok.

When childbirth fears affect everyday life

Most hospitals have specially trained staff or a special reception for childbirth fears.

- With us you can get help with an initial assessment of your fear. Most hospitals also have specially trained staff who can assist the pregnant woman and her partner in several steps. For example, you can meet a psychologist or a doctor who can determine whether the woman should give birth vaginally or not. They also talk about what pain relief options there are, which may be relevant for this particular woman, says Therese Sok.

The birth

- During self-delivery, it is important to support the pregnant woman based on her needs. When you come to BB there are many who can feel an expectation but also a fear, then it is important to try to calm the pregnant woman and let her and her partner land in the soon to be born children. The partner is also incredibly important for creating security for the woman, points out Therese Sok.

If you feel childbirth fear or worry do the following:

  • Contacting an Midwife Reception
    There is good help in getting over childbirth. Seek care if your concerns have begun to affect your everyday life. If you are afraid of giving birth, you can contact a midwife.
  • Prophylaxis course
    By taking a prophylaxis course you get to practice relaxing and you and your partner get tools to mentally set you up for childbirth together, as a team.
  • The couple is a team
    It is important to remember that the partner may also be afraid of similar things before the birth. Therefore, it is important for one's partner to take part in the information from the midwife. The partner then also has the chance to get answers to any questions.
  • Avoid searching for answers online
    If you feel anxious or afraid of childbirth, it may be good to avoid looking for information online that can aggravate your thinking. Instead, talk directly to your midwife.

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