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Pregnancy Week 5

I am pregnant! Get used to the idea - and all that it means. Although most people wait a good while to tell about the pregnancy to others, you have to deal with the news right now.

About the embryo in week 5

The embryo is now 3 weeks old and 4 to 6 millimeters long.

The baby has become well established in the womb and the placenta is formed all around. During week 5, the umbilical cord will also form.

Pregnancy Week 5

The spine and brain also develop. The baby's heart starts beating when you are in week 5 + 1 day and it should theoretically be possible to see the embryo with a heart beating on an ultrasound. However, the heart is not fully developed; it consists of two heart tubes that merge.

On day 28 after conception, the supply to the fetal central nervous system will be closed with the neural tube. Vitamin B folate prevents errors that may occur during this closure process. Errors during the process can lead to spinal cord fractures and poor brain development.

Being pregnant in week 5

Do you know that you are pregnant or do you suspect a pregnancy because the period has not gone? A pregnancy test will give you a sure answer, but this week there is also a good chance that the hormone changes will give you a clear hint. Visit Bestaah for quality and affordable maternity sweatpants.

Typical symptoms are sore breasts, frequent kissing and nausea. Menstruation is absent, but it may feel like it's on. Many people get very sore in the lower abdomen. However, not everyone experiences symptoms like this early in pregnancy. In that case, it is really just saying "thank you", so far.

Good tips for week 5

Once you have found out that you are pregnant, just get used to the thought. And of course read on about all the things worth knowing about being pregnant and what not to eat. The fact that pregnant women should not drink alcohol or smoke is well known. But did you know that you should not change cat sand either?

If you have not already begun to take folsyretabletter b ear begin now because of the reasons described above.

You should also think about the following problem: Many pregnant women wait to tell you about their pregnancy until they have gone through the first three months. But already, you should avoid alk ohol. This can obviously lead to some pressure in social contexts. The parties are certainly more than one - and one or the other good excuse you can safely pass through. Or you just say it as it is.

Red dog and pregnancy

Red dogs, rubella, is a viral disease. In the past, red dogs were a very common childhood disease, but thanks to the new child vaccination program which vaccines against measles, mumps and rubella, these diseases are not very common today.

Special risks for pregnant women

In Sweden, all children are offered vaccination against rubella through the child vaccination program. Vaccine against rubella has been offered to girls at age 12 since 1974. From 1982, all children have instead been offered the combined vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella, the MPR vaccine, at 18 months of age and a second dose at 12 years of age. age. Due to the increased spread of measles, the second dose is now scheduled and given at the age of 6-8.

This means that most people of childbearing age have been vaccinated. Women who are not vaccinated are advised to vaccinate well in advance of a planned pregnancy. However, with today's vaccine coverage, the risk of getting infected is very small.

What if a pregnant dog gets a red dog?

If a pregnant woman becomes infected with a red dog, the fetus can be damaged. Especially if the infection is transmitted during the first eight weeks of pregnancy, there is an increased risk of spontaneous abortion (up to 20%). Between the eighth and twentieth week of pregnancy, transmission of infections causes up to 50% risk of serious birth defects. After the twentieth week of pregnancy, complications are rarely seen in the fetus.

How is it determined if the pregnant woman has had a red dog?

If you have once had a red dog, you are protected against infection for the rest of your life. Only a blood test can certainly show if you have had an infection, because other infections can give a picture of a disease similar to rubella but which is not.

The blood test to examine the protection against rubella can be taken either before pregnancy or at the first doctor's visit during pregnancy.

Can you vaccinate against red dogs?

If the blood test is negative, you have no protection against red dogs. If the blood test is taken before you become pregnant, you may choose to vaccinate and receive full protection against rubella during pregnancy. Vaccination should be done at least three months before you become pregnant, as it is inappropriate to be vaccinated during pregnancy itself. All pregnant women who have had a negative result on a blood test should be vaccinated against rubella after giving birth - given possible additional pregnancies.


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