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Pregnancy Week 7

Already in week seven, the fetus can respond to touch so don't wait to snuggle with your stomach!

Embryo in week seven

The embryo is now five weeks old and between nine and 14 millimeters long. In other words, it is as big as a bean.

During the seventh week of pregnancy, the fetus is forming more and more. The neck and face appear more clearly and the feet are two millimeters longer. The heart is fully developed with partitions and the skeleton, skull, kidneys, blood vessels and muscles develop at furious speed. The face has grown and an opening for the mouth has been formed, two small nostrils and clear signs of where the eyes will be. Visit Bestaah for quality and affordable maternity support underwear.

Pregnancy Week 7

The embryo is now completely enclosed in the amniotic membrane which is filled with amniotic fluid. Inside, the fetus can move freely and the amniotic fluid protects against pressure and shocks from the outside.

Being pregnant at week seven

Your breasts grow and the areas (the brown around your nipples) become darker to prepare the breasts for breastfeeding. The blood vessels of the breast can be seen as small networks in the skin.

It is common for you to feel dizzy or dizzy especially when you have been up for a long time. It is due to pregnancy hormones that cause lower blood pressure.

When you are pregnant, you may also feel a taste for a certain type of food and a strong desire - cravings - for other foods. Of course, if the food you have craze on is healthy, there is no problem. Otherwise, of course, there is nothing wrong with giving in to your requests sometimes. But check what food you as a pregnant woman should refuse - whether you follow your cravings or eat normally.

Good advice in week seven

Do not hesitate to cozy up with your stomach. Already in the seventh week of pregnancy, the fetus can respond to touch and the amniotic fluid provides it with good protection.

Also, have a conscious attitude to what you eat and drink. After all, you are responsible for blood and nutritional supplies to the little one in your stomach.

Since pregnancy will affect the whole body, it is also good to think about exercising and exercising now - whether you have not been so diligent before or if you are in good shape. If you were in good shape before pregnancy, nothing prevents you from exercising at high intensity. If you have not trained before, you should train a bit calmer according to BVC.

Things to think about

Begin to think about where you want to go on pregnancy check-up and book an appointment at the midwife. You have the option to switch reception later if you are not satisfied with the follow-up.

Common pregnancy symptoms at week seven

  • Frequent urination (from about 6-8 weeks)
  • Feel dizzy
  • Nausea
  • Areoles are getting darker

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