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Pregnancy Week 10

Around week 10, you will experience a weight gain, and many feel that they are now pregnant for real.

The fetus in week 10

The fetus is now eight weeks old. It weighs 2.5-4 grams and is 3.3-4.1 centimeters from the buttocks to the head.

Until week 10, the unborn baby is actually called an embryo. But now it has reached its final form. All internal and external structures and organs are in place and from now on, the fetus will only grow and mature until birth.

Both genitals and precursor for the egg cells and sperm cells are there, but it is still too early to say anything about the baby's gender by ultrasound. The kidneys have started to produce urine, and the eyes are clear. However, it is covered with a thin layer of skin that will later become eyelids. Only in months 5-7 will the fetus begin to open its eyes. Visit Bestaah for quality and affordable maternity sleepwear.

Pregnancy Week 10

The brain is divided into a right and left hemisphere, and the fetus begins to gain control of the body's movements. As a pregnant woman, there is still some time left until you can feel these movements, but just wait a while. You will feel a lot of movement from the baby for months to come!

Being pregnant in week 10

Weight gain is starting to become noticeable, and the amount of blood will gradually increase. The uterus is the same size as an orange and you may feel yourself having a stomach, even if it is not visible on the outside. For many, it starts to feel like they are really pregnant.

The growing uterus presses the bowel and bladder upwards, and you have to urinate more often than usual. Your stomach may also appear to be bloated because gases are created, which causes you discomfort, because the bowels work slower than usual.

Many also struggle with nausea. The consolation is that this usually brings with it before week 12-13.

Good tips for week 10

If you have poor appetite during these weeks, it may be smart to have some food standing by the bed. Then you can eat something light, such as a few dry biscuits before you step up.

To avoid nausea during the day, it may pay to eat small, Regularly n a meal.

Make sure you check your iron value, preferably as long as possible. The need for iron is not higher than normal, but it has been found that many pregnant women do not have a sufficiently large stock of iron for it to last an entire pregnancy.

Things to think about

Have you been to your first pregnancy check? If not, then it's time now. If you want early fetal diagnosis, you should have your first check now by week 10. The fetal diagnosis should be done between weeks 11 and 20, depending on the method.

Common pregnancy symptoms at week 10

  • Frequent urination
  • Nausea
  • Unpleasant gases

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