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Pregnancy Week 12

Congratulations! You have now entered the second trimester of your pregnancy. This means that the risk of miscarriage and deformity decreases.

The fetus in week 12

The fetus is now 10 weeks old. It is now 6–7 centimeters long and weighs 10–20 grams.

The cartilage that will later harden and become bone, is now developing at full speed. It is already formed in the arms and legs as well as around the fetal head. Over the course of next week, the entire skeleton will be developed.

Pregnancy Week 12

In week 12, the fetus's head is half the body length and the nose, oral cavity, tongue and tooth abutment where the milk teeth are to come out are already in place. The choke and vocal cords are shaped.

The fetus now has reflexes and it exercises to swallow amniotic fluid. It can suck and yawn. Visit Bestaah for quality and affordable maternity skirts.

The rest of the fetal body also develops. The muscles continue to grow and the fetus now makes larger and stronger movements in the stomach. Brain and muscles are coordinated. The fetus can open and close its hands and suck on the thumb. Tears and fingers get nails.

Being pregnant in week 12

In week 12, the pregnancy goes into the second trimester. For many, this is a relief as it means that the risk of involuntary abortion and malformation is much less.

The second trimester lasts until week 28 and is perceived by many as the easiest. The body has now in many ways become accustomed to being pregnant. The nausea starts to diminish and even the mood swings become smaller. The problem of frequent kissing is reduced as the uterus has grown above the genital area and this makes the pressure against the bladder relieve.

Dizziness and headache, on the other hand, are normal, often due to the increased blood supply of the pregnant woman.

Most pregnant women put on 1–2 kg during the first trimester, but there is a big difference between pregnancies. Regardless, the weight gain will be greater in the future.

Good tips for week 12

Walking and plenty of fluid can help with headaches. For those who have problems with dizziness, for example, when you get up quickly, there are two tips to take: Change your posture slowly and lie with your legs high (above heart height).

If the pain becomes an obstacle in everyday life, you can consult your doctor.

Things to think about

If you do not want to have children, you can still decide to have an abortion. According to current Swedish abortion legislation, free abortion prevails until the 18th week of pregnancy.


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