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Pregnancy Week 13

The fetus begins to produce urine and hormones, and the entire skeleton is formed. The pressure on the bladder becomes less and maybe the desire to exercise increases?

The fetus in week 13

The fetus is now 11 weeks old. It is 8.5 inches long and weighs around 35 grams.

The entire skeleton has been formed, but much is cartilage. The process of curing the cartilage, that is, making it bone, continues almost all the way to birth. The fetus has also begun to produce its own hormones in the pancreas where insulin is formed. The thyroid gland is also fully developed.

Pregnancy Week 13

It can be seen that the fetus's face is now beginning to take on human forms, partly because the eyes come closer. The brain develops steadily, and the fetus begins to produce urine as it pours into the amniotic fluid. The fetus swallows this urine along with amniotic fluid, but the urine is sterile - and this is something that all fetuses do.

The fetus will react if you push gently against the uterus - even if you still cannot feel it moving.

Being pregnant in week 13

Pregnancy has now entered the second trimester, which for most people means that the pregnancy problems become smaller and easier to live with.

Perhaps one of the biggest reliefs is that the nausea for most pregnant women is now diminishing. The pressure on the bladder also decreases, so you no longer have to pee "all the time". This is because the uterus rises upward from the pelvis and instead grows upwards in the abdomen. Visit Bestaah for quality and affordable maternity skinny jeans.

But the pregnancy hormone progesterone causes food to pass more slowly through the digestive system, which can cause constipation. The growth of the uterus can also cause so-called ligament pain. They are completely harmless. But if in doubt, double check the pain of a doctor or midwife.

Maybe you've got a dark string from the navel down? This is called linea fusca and disappears some time after you give birth.

Good tips for week 13

Since most pregnant women on the whole experience less pregnancy problems now, it is recommended to exercise. Along with high fiber foods and enough liquid, regular exercise can help digestion to avoid constipation. Pregnant women who exercise also experience both pregnancy and childbirth as being easier than those who do not exercise, and the activity prevents pregnancy poisoning. You should still avoid contact sports such as martial arts, football and handball. Also, keep your workout to a moderate level and do not push your body too hard.

Instead of sleeping on your back, it may be wise to find another sleeping position in the future. When lying on your back, pressure on the organs and blood vessels increases.

Things to think about

If you are entitled to early fetal diagnosis, week 13 is the second last opportunity to take a so-called KUB test. This is the only test form that does not pose a risk of miscarriage, but it does not produce 100 percent safe results.


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