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Pregnancy Week 14

Many people say that week 14 is the easiest during pregnancy, but there is a lot that is changing! Many people can feel the movements of the fetus, which is very exciting. Some also think that this is a suitable time to buy maternity clothes.

The fetus in week 14

The fetus is now twelve weeks old. It weighs about 50 grams and is about 9 cm long, from the back to the head. Soon, it is possible to determine the sex of the infant, since the external genitalia are more clear and defined. Eyes and ears have now placed themselves in the right place on the head.

Pregnancy Week 14

The fetus now manages to use neck and neck to hold the head up. It also begins to grow small hairs on the head. The fetus also receives thin small hairs on the body, which protects against tears and damage and ensures that the body maintains an even temperature. This body hair will disappear a week before birth. Visit Bestaah for quality and affordable maternity shorts.

The amniotic fluid breathes in and out for the lungs to develop properly. Saliva is produced and the suction muscles in the fetal cheeks develop. The arms are almost fully developed, while the legs will grow a little more. Many may already know how the fetus is moving, while others may have to wait a little longer.

Being pregnant in week 14

At this stage you will notice a change in the color and size of the breasts. This is because large amounts of estrogen are excreted from the placenta, and because large amounts of fat are formed in the breasts.

The nipples and the area around them gradually darken. Many will now also notice a dark streak that extends from the navel down to the abdomen, the so-called Linea Nigra, the pigment brim.

The body begins to develop new milk passages. It knows what to do when the baby comes to the world; feed it. You can now begin to feel the tip of the uterus, between eight and ten cm below the navel. The stomach has also grown a lot and it may be time to go out and buy maternity clothes.

The memory can be worse than it has been, and it can be easy to forget things, and you can be inattentive. Do not relax and worry about this. This is perfectly normal and will eventually go over.

Good advice for week 14

  • Keep up physically with exercise or any other form of exercise (this applies to those who are healthy during pregnancy)
  • Adapt your workout or exercise to how your pregnancy develops, and to how you experience this type of workout or exercise.
  • Strength training and fitness training can be performed without worry, as this is completely harmless - After the third month, however, more extreme sports such as martial arts, football and handball should be avoided

Usual pregnancy signs in week 14

  • Larger breasts
  • pigments Rand
  • Small movements of the fetus in the stomach

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