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Pregnancy Week 17

The fetus in week 17

The fetus is now fifteen weeks old. It now weighs about 180 grams and is about 17 cm from the butt to the head. This week, if desired, you can finally see the child's gender.

The skeletal cartilage is transformed into bones, and the ears are in the right place on the head. A layer of light hair, called lanugo hair, grows in some places on the skin. It is believed that this protects the wax layer, vernix , which eventually forms on the baby's skin.

Pregnancy Week 17

The eyebrows and eyelashes, as well as the head now have hair growth. The fetus may actually feel thirsty. The optic nerve has now reached the retina, which indicates that the fetus can see light that is placed next to the stomach.

Being pregnant in week 17

Pain in the groin is a common symptom this week. This may be just a short while, but can be a pretty intense pain. This may be because the ligaments, the ligaments, that hold the uterus in place stretch out in line with the growth of the uterus. One trick is to bend down when this occurs. Try not to travel, or turn around in bed, too fast. Sometimes this will also be experienced as you walk. Comfort yourself with this will go away during pregnancy. Visit Bestaah for quality and affordable maternity pillows.

The upper edge of the uterus will now be possible to feel. Feel the area between the pubic bone and the navel. This week it may be the case with a larger bra.

Heartburn can also be a symptom if it is experienced more often than before, and perhaps regularly. All the pain will probably be forgotten and will be worth it when you can finally see an ultrasound of your little crab!

Good tips for week 17

  • The ultrasound should be experienced together with d in partner, this is a great and special moment and should therefore be shared
  • Gender, malformations, number of expected children and expected birth date can be accounted for by taking an ultrasound
  • Heartburn can be experienced frequently in this week (a livssti lsförändring may have to be considered, antacids or acid-inhibiting agents may also attenuate the symptoms)

Things to think about

Soon it's time for ultrasound. This usually occurs between weeks 18-20 in pregnancy. It is wise to take into account that even if one is to know the gender, one must be prepared for mistakes. Especially when it comes to women's sex. One should consider having a boy's name in the back of the head in case it is actually a male.

Usual pregnancy signs in week 17

  • Heartburn
  • Increased sweat production
  • Movements of the fetus in the stomach
  • Pain in the groin

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