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Pregnancy Week 19

Now you are almost halfway through the pregnancy and have been given an estimated delivery date. The fetus has started to grow more slowly, but the stomach continues to grow.

The fetus in week 19

The fetus is now 17 weeks old. It is about 22 centimeters and weighs around 250 grams.

The fetus does not grow as fast anymore, but is still in constant development. The body proportions are more similar to those of a newborn. A brown subcutaneous fat, which is specialized in heat production, is developing.

Pregnancy Week 19

It also exercises several of its small muscles, including the eye muscles. You still have to wait a bit before you can feel the movements of the fetus in the stomach.

Being pregnant in week 19

By the end of week 20, all pregnant women in Sweden should have been offered an ultrasound examination. It means that you have now been able to see the miracle on a screen. Wasn't that great?

You have probably also been told the child's sex, but it is not safe. Determining the gender is not the real purpose of the ultrasound examination. Instead, it is used to see the number of fetuses, placenta placement and that everything looks good with the fetus. Visit Bestaah for quality and affordable maternity pants.

Physically, your pregnant belly continues to grow, and you can say goodbye to your waist for a while. Normally, a pregnant woman has gained 3–6 kg in week 19, and you will gain even more pounds before giving birth.

You may also feel that the pressure against the lungs, bladder and intestines is increasing, and that it is itching on the skin of the stomach? All of this is normal, although it can obviously be painful. Later in pregnancy you will find that the pressure against both the lungs and bladder becomes even stronger. But fortunately, everything goes over. And sometime around the estimated delivery date, you get the biggest reward available: your own son or daughter.

Good tips for week 19

Massaging a good moisturizer on the skin can prevent stretching of the stomach to some extent.

Some women feel that they have more desire during pregnancy. If you are one of them, do not hesitate to seduce your husband. The fetus cannot be harmed by sexual intercourse - although many people, especially men, believe it. The reason is that the uterus is closed and protected by the 4-5 cm long cervix. The fetus is actually protected until the water runs, so it is not dangerous to swim for example.

Things to remember

You should have received a call for an ultrasound examination between weeks 18 and 20, ie at the latest this week. During this examination, the date of delivery will be set. Even if you had arrived at a different date earlier, this is the new date that will be used from now on. However, the date of childbirth is not an absolute thing: Everything from two weeks before to 10 days after the expected birth is counted as normal.

Obesity increasing problems among pregnant women

Four out of ten pregnant women who enroll in maternal health care in Uppsala County are either obese or suffer from obesity. This increases the risk of both miscarriage and childbirth injuries.

- It is easier to get miscarriages, you can have birth defects as the children get bigger, and there is an increased risk of pregnancy diabetes and pregnancy poisoning. Most of these things are still unusual, but increase in risk compared to a normally important woman, says Olof Stephansson, rapporteur physician at the National Board of Health, to the Siren News Agency.

Varies across the country

According to Siren's compilation of figures from the National Board of Health and Welfare, the BMI of pregnant women varies widely across the country, but on average one in four expectant mothers is overweight.

The metropolitan region has the lowest proportion of mothers with overweight. In Dalarna County, the proportion of pregnant women with obesity or obesity was 47 percent in 2015, while the figure for Stockholm was 32 percent. According to Olof Stephansson at the National Board of Health, being overweight is the biggest challenge for childbirth care right now.

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