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Pregnancy Week 23

The fetus can now respond to sounds outside the stomach, and the body begins to become more well-proportioned.

The fetus in week 23

The fetus is now 21 weeks old. It is about 28 centimeters long and weighs just over half a kilo.

The fetal body is narrow and the skin is wrinkled. It also has not got subcutaneous fat yet, so the cartilage skeleton, organs and blood vessels are visible under the skin.

Pregnancy Week 23

Hearing has also developed significantly. The fetus can therefore differentiate between different sounds on the outside of the uterus and inside your body, and react in different ways to them. It can actually jump to loud noises from the outside. Many prospective parents find it cozy to sing for the little one - start practicing the children's songs now!

Being pregnant in week 23

For most pregnant women, this is a good period of pregnancy. The stomach has not yet become too big and heavy, and the nausea and fatigue from earlier in pregnancy are largely gone. Visit Bestaah for quality and affordable maternity nursing tops.

Your stomach still begins to stretch out more, and you can experience plant pains and few bursts. It's more than worth it! Just think about the gift you will soon receive at the breast. Carry your bursts with pride - they are the proof that the body has borne a child!

Some are also starting to get contractions now. The contractions come from the uterus contracting, and it is a kind of test for the painters that comes when it is time for childbirth. The contractions should not be painful. If you experience them as such, you should contact a doctor or midwife.

Sometimes you may also feel choppy along the side of the abdomen. It is the uterus and its attachments that are stretched, so called ligament pain. Fortunately, the pain quickly and is completely harmless.

Good tips for week 23

Support socks are a good tip if you have swollen legs.

If you have leg cramps, you can take calcium and potassium supplements. Milk provides calcium, and grapefruit, oranges and bananas contain a lot of potassium. You can also stretch and stretch your muscles when you feel cramps.


Fetal diagnostics place greater demands on health care

A blood test is enough - then you can know if the baby in the stomach has any chromosome abnormality or other disease. As the fetal diagnosis is refined, the questions from the prospective parents increase. This places higher demands on health care, says Peter Lindgren, chief physician at the women's clinic at Karolinska University Hospital.

"We have to make women think one step further, so that they have thought through what the test result means even before the blood test or the ultrasound," he says.

By law, health care must provide information on fetal diagnosis to all expectant mothers. But doctors need not only be better at telling about the choices with fetal diagnostics - but also about the consequences of the choices - but that the information is colored by the personal views of the doctor or midwife, believes Peter Lindgren.

- We can take Down syndrome as an example. Today, almost all women choose to abort their pregnancy if they find out that the child has the disease, although many do not actually know enough about what it means to have a child with Down syndrome. From the health care side, we must not assume that the woman will want to abort the pregnancy. We also need to talk about the disease and what it can mean to a child. Parents can also get tips and advice on associations that they can contact to ask their questions.

In Stockholm County Council, a kind of web survey is currently being developed where prospective mothers can fill in age and other information and then receive personalized information to be able to make an informed decision regarding fetal diagnosis. In addition, the Department of Clinical Genetics and the Center for Fetal Medicine have begun to provide additional courses in genetic counseling so that midwives and doctors can feel safe in their encounter with troubled parents.

- The courses have proven to be popular, which shows how difficult this subject is. The advantage of today's fetal diagnosis is that, thanks to ultrasound and other test methods, we can find serious diseases, not only to be able to abort the pregnancy, but also to prevent much and improve for the baby already during pregnancy. The disadvantage is that you may also find things that you do not really want to know. There, healthcare plays an important role in preventing future parents from making a decision that they then regret, says Peter Lindgren.

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