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Pregnancy Week 24

Over the past four weeks, the fetus has doubled its weight. The balance organ is in place so that the fetus can keep the balance better than before.

The fetus in week 24

The fetus is now 22 weeks old. It is about 29 inches long and weighs just under 700 grams. It has thus doubled its weight over the past four weeks.

Pregnancy Week 24

Most of the weight gain consists of developing muscle and bone mass. But the internal organs are also constantly evolving.

In the ear the balance organ has come into place so that the fetus can keep the balance better than before. Even hay rseln become steadily better. However, it is uncertain how much the little one can actually perceive by sound. The noise level in the uterus is 80 decibels - the same level as city noise. In addition, the fetus is surrounded by amniotic fluid, someone who is quite sure of reducing what it can actually hear. Still, it is assumed that the steady sounds from the mother's heart, stomach and intestines seem soothing to the little one. Visit Bestaah for quality and affordable maternity nursing bras.

The lungs are not sufficiently developed, and the fetus continues to receive oxygen via the umbilical cord, but the fetus can survive if they are not born now. It is often linked to many complications and the risk of the child not being able to manage is great.

Being pregnant in week 24

In your stomach, the uterus should have passed the tip of the navel in recent weeks. However, the shape of the stomach varies a lot from woman to woman - you came almost guaranteed to hear that "You get a girl (or guy), I see it in the stomach form!". If you want to listen to them, you decide. But according to midwife Cecilia Kleven, this housewife tip is so often true.

Some pregnant women get dark pigmentation on their face. These spots usually disappear after birth.

Good advice in week 24

The heavier stomach makes many pregnant women lean back to compensate for the center of gravity. Do not do it! Proper posture is even more important now than normal. You may want to go to a physiotherapist for advice if you find it difficult.

A walk every afternoon or evening can also prevent back pain. The best thing is to walk on a soft surface. So find a dirt road or a cozy path. Maybe you find new places where you can make excursions for later?

Cramps in the bones can be prevented with calcium and calcium, for example from milk, grapefruit, oranges and bananas.

If you become dizzy while lying on your back, you should lie on the side, possibly with a pillow under one side to reduce the pressure on the spine.

Bleeding at the end of pregnancy

Bleeding during pregnancy always requires examination by a doctor or midwife. Bleeding can be caused by quite harmless ailments located to the cervix or cervix.

It can also be about the bleeding that occurs immediately before birth starts - almost a bloody mucus.

However, the bleeding may also be caused by one of two serious ailments or complications during late pregnancy. Initial discharge of the placenta can cause bleeding. Pain and tension or sore uterus are other signs of this. Another possibility is bleeding from a low sitting placenta, which can directly or partially block the output.

What should you do if you get a bleeding at the end of pregnancy?

  • If there is frugal bleeding, contact the maternity ward for advice. You can also contact your maternity midwife.
  • in case of heavy bleeding, go immediately to the delivery department, preferably in an ambulance. If possible, contact the delivery department.

What can doctors do?

Depending on the nature of the symptoms and the further development of the condition, you are examined and monitored at the maternity ward. If you are close to expected birth, you will decide if it would be best for you and the child with an immediate birth. The condition of the mother and child determines whether one can await natural childbirth or whether an emergency caesarean section must be performed.

If the symptoms are less pronounced or if it is a long time for an estimated birth, you try to stop the bleeding so that the pregnancy and thus the baby's development can continue for some time to come.

Bleeding is a warning signal that must never be ignored. In uncertain cases, contact the maternity ward at the nearest hospital.

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