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Pregnancy Week 25

The fetus is holding high activity now. As a pregnant woman, you may experience leg cramps and tingling in your hands.

The fetus in week 25

The fetus is now 23 weeks old. It is about 30 centimeters long and weighs 800 grams - compared to a pre-popped bag of micropopcorn.

Pregnancy Week 25

The fetal skin is not as transparent as before, but it is still wrinkled. The eyelashes grow out and the nostrils begin to open.

Already the fetus has the opportunity to survive if it were born. However, it will be very premature and will require great resources from everyone around. The danger of complications is thus great. Fortunately, few children are born so early.

The little miracle is very active at this stage and you notice a big difference between a kick from a small foot and a pressure from a hand. In week 25, the movements are so strong that even dad can feel them. Let him do it! It is a great experience even for him to say "hello" to his new eye stone now. Visit Bestaah for quality and affordable maternity nightwear.

Being pregnant in week 25

Many women suffer from tight legs. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to relieve it, but massage can help a little. You can also test to apply a cooling cream to your legs or to push hard against the floor. Feel free to ask your parties to massage you.

Some pregnant women also experience tingling in their hands. It is also called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Some pregnant women get the feeling that it stings like needles, especially in the thumb and forefinger, and they may experience a lack of power and feeling. Sometimes it applies to the entire hand and forearm. However, most people go after the birth.

It is normal to experience swelling in the legs at the end of the day and many become sore or nauseous when lying on their back. This is because the uterus presses against the spine. In this case, you should flip di g on the side or place a pillow under one side.

Good tips for week 25

To prevent urinary leakage later in pregnancy and after childbirth, you should already start training the pelvic muscles. You do this by squeezing - as if to take a break when kissing - a couple of times a day. By starting already, it will be easier to do the same exercises even after childbirth.

Massage and cooling creams can help with leg cramps.

Place a pillow under one side if you want to lie on your back. They do not relieve pressure against the spine and can help with dizziness and nausea.

Intercourse does not accelerate childbirth

Studies kill another myth.

According to a study conducted at the Ohio State University of Medicine, intercourse at the time of estimated childbirth has no effect that may accelerate childbirth. In fact, this study shows the opposite - that intercourse at the estimated date of delivery can lead to waiting a few days extra.

Clear numbers

93 women who underwent an uncomplicated pregnancy and were expecting a child (ie not twins or more) participated in the study. All were in pregnancy week 37 or more and thus within the normal time for estimated childbirth. The women were asked at the weekly check if they had had intercourse during the period and in that case how many intercourse. About half of the women had had intercourse the weeks before the birth. The women who had had intercourse during the period in question gave birth on average after 39.9 weeks of pregnancy, while the average for those who had not had intercourse during those weeks was 39.3 weeks of pregnancy. Statistically, these are clear numbers. Of those who did not have intercourse during the last few weeks of pregnancy, there were also fewer who started the delivery.

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