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Pregnancy Week 30

Welcome to your third trimester! Now it is getting tiring to be pregnant - but luckily is nearing the end.

The fetus in week 30

The fetus is now 28 weeks old. It is about 36 inches long and weighs about 1.6 kilos.

The fetus is now training to be breathed by moving the chest in and out. It drinks approx. 1/2 amniotic fluid per day and can pee. The down hair (Lanugo hair) on the body decreases and the skin becomes less wrinkled as the subcutaneous fat begins to form. Nails on both fingers and toes have now grown out. The pupils also react to light so it detects if you sunbathe your stomach.

Pregnancy Week 30

As for the internal organs of the fetus, the bone marrow produces red blood cells. And the kidneys begin to secrete urine.

Even though it starts to get crowded inside the uterus, the baby can still move. Some fetuses are already starting to spin around so that the head is down, while others do not do so until much later (or not at all, which is called the seat position).

Being pregnant in week 30

In fact, your body has been preparing for childbirth ever since you became pregnant. For many, however, it is only now that they are beginning to seriously feel the pregnancy on and in the body. Visit Bestaah for quality and affordable maternity jean skirts.

In week 30, you go off in cial into the third trimester. While most people experience other trimesters that are relatively uncomplicated, this last quarter of pregnancy is a challenge for many.

It is common for the stomach to become really heavy now and that the uterus and the fetus are beginning to press firmly against both the lungs and the bladder. It makes you breathless and pissed off.

Many also begin to feel less contractions. It is the uterus that is preparing for birth and it is not dangerous.

A more serious problem - if you happen to - is pelvic pain. Pregnancy hormones make your pelvis more extensible, so that it is easier to give birth at birth. In other words, this is something that should happen. But unfortunately, in some cases it means really severe pain, so-called joint discharge. Pregnant people also get other back pain that is caused, among other things, by the heavy weight of the stomach.

Good tip s in week 30

Portion your energy and make sure not to work too hard. Your pelvis has become considerably looser so an overload can now lead to really severe pain - joint discharge - which can easily cover you completely.

It is wise to eat foods with a lot of fiber and drink plenty to avoid constipation.

Please register yourself and your partner for a parenting course. There you get good tips for giving birth, such as childbirth positions and information about pain relief. You become quite a widower better mentally prepared for the great things to come. After the course you can write down your own thoughts and wishes for the birth in a so-called birth letter. It helps your midwife do the best job possible for you.

Frozen eggs were accidentally destroyed

Two women who underwent treatment to preserve their fertility got rid of their eggs and egg tissue. This is because a biomedical analyst did not follow the routines correctly and therefore accidentally discarded the eggs, reports Care Focus.

Tissues from deceased persons and embryos that are over five years old must, according to law, be discarded regularly. And it was during such an occasion that the biomedical analyst happened to discard the wrong egg and egg tissue.

Entered incorrect numbers

According to routine, all material in the freezer tanks must be checked against the database regarding names and social security numbers. But this time, they happened to enter the wrong numbers twice, which resulted in two patients getting wrong with the eggs and the tissue.

- It is extremely tragic for the victims, we are saddened by what has happened. At the same time, we have a worker who feels very badly that we also have to take care of, says the responsible operations manager to Care Focus.

Should not be possible in the laboratory world

The chief executive also thinks that this is extremely unusual and that it really shouldn't happen when the laboratory world is characterized by double checks and double signatures.

According to Care Focus, the affected women have received various forms of support and advice. The biomedical analyst has also been supported to deal with what has happened and, in consultation with the employer, has been given other duties.

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