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Pregnancy Week 32

You've probably put on a few pounds before week 32, and it can feel pretty heavy. Drink plenty of water and eat a little and often.

The fetus in week 32

The fetus is now 30 weeks old. It is about 38 cm long and weighs about 2 kg.

The body does not grow any longer as quickly in length, but the fetus puts on a lot of weight. Among other things, it lacks an insulating layer of fat around the body, so if it were to be born now it must be in incubator. But the chance of it surviving is 90 percent. So in most cases things are going well. Visit Bestaah for quality and affordable maternity dress pants.

Pregnancy Week 32

The baby's brain also grows rapidly, in fact so fast that the head bowl is pressed outwards. Inside the stomach, the fetus mostly sleeps. But when it is awake, it exercises to open and close its eyes.

Being pregnant in week 32

You've probably put on weight between nine and 12 1/2 kilos until now, and it's starting to get heavy. Many pregnant women struggle to find a comfortable posture, and it's hard to walk. The weight of the fetus also means that you should think about your posture to avoid back problems.

Constipation and heartburn are also common cramps during the third trimester .

The kicks and movements in the uterus change character around week 32, as the fetus gets less space. But you will experience life and movement every day. Do not hesitate to contact the children's department if you think the child is worryingly quiet.

Good tips for week 32

Drink plenty of water to prevent constipation. Exercise can also help, but you probably feel limited to how far and fast you can go.

To avoid heartburn you should eat many small meals.

Unplanned pregnancy

You may become pregnant during your very first intercourse if your contraceptive fails, for example if the condom breaks, or if you forgot to take the pill.

You may suspect that you have become pregnant if your menstruation fails or weakens and you get sore breasts or feel tired and dizzy.


If you are already pregnant if you are pregnant, you can take a urine test and have it examined. If the test shows positive results, you are pregnant. This test can be done immediately after your period of absence has occurred. You can buy a pregnancy test at the pharmacy, at the press office and in many other stores and find out if you are pregnant. You can also submit a urine sample to the pharmacy, youth center or maternity center and ask for help.

If you still suspect you are pregnant despite a negative test, you should contact your doctor or midwife 14 days after taking the test to get clear information. You can be pregnant even if you have menstrual-like bleeding. If you have reason to suspect that you are pregnant, you should do a pregnancy test even if you have had bleeding.

In case of confirmed pregnancy

If the test is positive, you are pregnant. Then you should make an appointment with a midwife as soon as possible. At the same time, you should consider whether or not to continue the pregnancy. If you have a partner, it is obvious that you discuss it together. Pregnancy is something you both have a responsibility for. & Nbsp & nbspIf you hesitate, it can be good if you talk to another person about your thoughts and feelings. It can be a close friend or girlfriend, a family member that you have great confidence in - mom or dad - a curator at the maternity care center, the youth clinic, the women's clinic or your family doctor.

In an unplanned pregnancy, contradictory thoughts and feelings will make it difficult for you to gain an overview and distance from the situation. It is not just about whether or not you want to get pregnant, but also to a large extent about how your practical, social and financial situation is suitable for a continued pregnancy. The women's clinic's abortion clinics have curators who are especially used to helping ease the situation. You can go there even if you have not decided if you want to have an abortion or give birth to the child. & Nbsp

If you decide to have an abortion, contact your nearest abortion clinic. Abortion is less troublesome the earlier you do it. You can regret it at any time before the actual abortion.

If you choose to complete the pregnancy and give birth to the baby, you should contact the nearest maternity care center for examination.

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