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Pregnancy Week 33

The fetus has grown so much that you can now see the movements on the stomach. The child is usually lying with his head down and has probably taken a fetal position.

The fetus in week 33

The fetus is now 31 weeks old. It is about 39 centimeters long and weighs around 2,200 grams.

Fostr et looks like a small, newborn and weighs about as much as a large mjölpak et. As the fetus has received more subcutaneous fat, the skin has become more pink than red. It can distinguish light from darkness and attract the foot if you kill it.

Pregnancy Week 33

Apart from the lungs, the child's internal organs are fully developed. It is now training to breathe by moving in and out of the chest.

Being pregnant in week 33

Now there is again a little space in the stomach and you will be able to see the fetus moving. The child usually lies with his head down and has probably taken a fetal position to fit in his stomach. Visit Bestaah for quality and affordable maternity dresses.

Many pregnant women also find it difficult to sleep. Kicks and movements feel great - in week 33 and later some children kick so hard that it hurts. In addition, the weight of the stomach makes it difficult to find a comfortable lying posture. The contractions have also become more frequent, which many feel uncomfortable.

Your blood supply has increased significantly to give the fetus, uterus and placenta the oxygen and nutrition they need.

Good tips for week 33

Avoid lying on your back if it makes you dizzy.

The body is set so that the fetus can remove your calcium layer to build up its skeleton. This means that you yourself risk getting a deficit of calcium if the layer is lit, which can lead to weaker bones and teeth. Therefore, make sure you get enough calcium during pregnancy, 1-2 glasses of milk per day is recommended.

Updated advice on the toxoplasm parasite

Roasted meat from lamb, pig and game has previously been included in the advice on toxoplasma for pregnant women. Now the advice is expanded and also includes beef, writes the National Food Agency.

If a woman who is not immune to toxoplasma becomes infected during pregnancy, toxoplasma can harm the baby. Toxoplasm can also cause illness in people who have a reduced immune system.

Lamb meat and cat feces can become infected

The toxmoplasmic parasite can be found in the meat of lamb, wild boar, pig, goat, deer and cattle. According to the National Food Agency, lamb meat is considered to be one of the most common pathways of distribution for toxoplasm. You can also be infected by contact with cat feces, gardening with soil and poorly rinsed vegetables.

For pregnant women, there has long been advice on roasting meat from lamb, pig and game. What's new in the updated tips is that beef should be roasted as well. The risk of being infected by toxoplasma through beef is lower compared to meat from other animals, but if you eat a more easily fried bloodier beef, the risk of infection is higher.

However, anyone who wants a slightly fried bloodier piece of meat can use the freezer.

- Freeze the meat for at least three days before cooking. Then any toxoplasma parasites die, explains Åsa Rosengren, microbiologist at the National Food Agency.

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