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Pregnancy Week 40

You are now ready to give birth, and by the end of this week most pregnant women will have given birth. In other words: in week 40, just wait for the miracle's arrival!

Pregnancy Week 40

The fetus in week 40

The fetus is now 38 weeks. It is around 51 cm long and weighs in average t about 3.6 kilos.

Most babies are born this week, so it is only natural that the length of the fetus in week 40 is the same as the average length of newborn. Of course, that does not mean that the baby has to be born now. Only 5-10 percent give birth exactly on the day, so it is far more likely that it will happen a few days before or after this day.

The baby's skin is completely pink and not as wrinkled as before. The skull is hard, except for a small soft part at the top of the head (the fontanella). The fact that the fetal head consists of several bone plates is a big advantage when you are giving birth. This means that the head is compressed a little during birth, and it becomes easier for the child to come out. The fontanella will be closed within the first year. In male fetuses, the testicles have descended into the scrotum.

Being pregnant at week 40

Both you and the fetus are fully ready for childbirth, but childbirth can nevertheless wait. This is perfectly normal, but it is just as normal to be a little impatient in the week of grave id. 40. After all, you have been pregnant for a long time now. And for the last two or three weeks you have been living in constant tension, since birth can happen at any time. And what it really is that finally sets it up, nobody knows. Visit Bestaah for quality and affordable maternity belly support belts.

However, especially for first-time mothers, it is common to go slightly over the expected date, so be patient. It's not long now!

Pregnancy is not considered to be delayed until after 42 weeks. If you have not yet given birth to your child at 42 weeks of pregnancy, you will have a period at the maternity ward for check-in and call. In some places you can get a check already in week 41 + 3.

Good advice in week 40

If you are pregnant at week 40, 39 or 41 is not really the most important thing right now. So try to do like the previous weeks: relax as best you can, as heavy burden as you carry now you can with most conscience hand over most other things to your partner.

No matter how impatient you must be to “get it all over”, it can also delight you. For now you will meet soon, and then you will finally be able to see, smell and feel the little child that you have known so well in the stomach.

Also, take all the "Has anything happened?" Questions from friends and acquaintances with good courage - even if you yourself are far more impatient than they are. It's nice that they care.

When are you going to the hospital?

Wondering if the birth is in progress? You should turn to BB or the midwife:

  • When the pain is painful, it increases in intensity and comes every 10-15 minutes.
  • If they do not show traces of fresh, or it is a copious bleeding.
  • Whether the water runs, with or without pain.
  • If you have a long journey and are unsure if the pain is running.

Are you worried that your delivery will start very quickly so you don't have time to get to the hospital? This happens very rarely. If you live in a city where you have a long journey to a maternity ward, you probably already have a plan together with your local midwife or doctor.

Control program during pregnancy

Pregnancy is not a disease. If a pregnant woman is completely healthy and not exposed to any dangerous stresses or illnesses during pregnancy, the result of a pregnancy is also almost always normal.

Why should you check?

Although abnormal events are exceptions, we all know that there are unexpected events and complications.

The control program is focused on identifying the abnormal events so early that it is still possible to prevent the development of disease or injury in the fetus and in the mother. This applies to both physical and mental illness or injury.

Infant mortality has been significantly reduced over the past 30-40 years. This is probably primarily due to the improvement of the general health and standard of living of the population. It has also been found that a systematic control program is of great importance in reducing the incidence of birth defects and fetal death.

How often should the checks be done?

It has been common for pregnant women to go on checks about once a month, and a little more often the time before birth. However, according to recent research results in the field, it turns out that you run the risk of carrying out checks less frequently.

According to newer guidelines in the area, a control program with a total of eight controls is now recommended. This means that in women where no abnormalities are detected, and where there are no factors that might indicate that there are risks, eight controls are justified. If abnormal conditions are detected, or if the woman has a significant illness, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, the checks should be performed more frequently.

In Sweden, the midwife has her own responsibility for normal pregnancy. However, the midwife always collaborates with doctors to provide advice on care and care in the event of any complications.

Week Most regions recommend that you offer a first so-called health call already during pregnancy weeks 4–6, then the next check in weeks 8–12. 18 24 28 32 In Sweden, checks are usually carried out even during weeks 34–35. 36 38 40 (41-42)
In the case of a healthy pregnancy, all checks are carried out by midwives. Physician checks occur only if complications arise that need to be assessed by physicians. B Ultrasound B B B B B B B
  • B = Controls are performed primarily by midwives.

How about complications?

In certain diseases or conditions during pregnancy, the checks should be performed more often than normal. Your midwife will inform you if more checks are warranted.


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